The toolbox is a collection of online services that allow communities to take advantage of free to use technologies. It has been designed to help commons organisations carry out the tasks they currently struggle with.

All of the technologies are open-source, which means that that have been publicly developed by communities to help other communities. The toolbox packages this software, which often needs to be set up individually, into a service called the 'gE.CO toolbox'. The technologies are provided for free for the duration of the project and you can retain the information generated through the technologies and will remain completely private.


We're happy to answer questions from organisations. Please get in touch by emailing

Will I have to pay for the toolbox?
The gE.CO toolbox is funded by an EU grant so we can provide the toolbox free to use for the duration of the project. In the future, we may no longer be able to pay for the service. When this happens, we will provide you with all the content you have made within the services. If you want to continue using the services, we will provide you with instructions on how to set them up for yourself.

The services

The gE.CO project is now over

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